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The Journey

Let’s paint a picture together. Sadly it’s not a pretty picture.

You’re struggling with personal crisis. It could be anything, but whatever it is – it’s damaging and it’s damaging you.

How damaging?

Who’s asking the question? It’s not for others to judge. You’re the one enduring – so maybe only you can answer - and that’s a tough one.

Let’s paint another picture. This time it is pretty – in fact it’s beautiful.

The crisis has gone, the clouds have cleared, you’re unburdened, you’re in control, the world is a bright and cheerful place and you feel good!

What does it take to hang those pictures next to one another? How close can you place them?

Tackling personal crisis can be difficult, very difficult. How difficult? Well that often depends on whether you choose to tackle it – and who you ask to help.

That’s where The Cyrenians comes in. Our whole reason for being is to ‘Change Lives’ and Build Futures’.

We see this work as a journey. We believe travelling from personal crisis to calm, sustained, independent living is a journey.

And every journey – however long - has a beginning. It’s the most important part – it’s that moment when you decide to set off.

The journeys we travel on with those we support are special. They’re the best sort. Almost adventures really.

They’re the sort of journeys where you’ve got a good idea about where you want to end up, but you’re not sure of the way, how long it will take or how difficult the ground will be underfoot.

Well, we’re used to ‘damaging’ and we’re not afraid of ‘difficult’ and we’re here for however long it takes. We’re here for your journey.